Designer Shawls

Printed on pure silk, my designs come to life beautifully.

When designing a shawl, I often create a new pattern by mirroring or repeating my original design, thus establishing a new balance.
If you want to order a shawl based on one of my works, I will first make one or more examples of suitable layouts, from which you can choose the design you like best.

The dimensions differ, but often are 120 to 130 by 90 to 100 centimetres.
A pure silk shawl costs € 90,-

Larger dimensions, for example for a pareo, or prints on other fabrics are possible.
The delivery time is approximately one month.

To preserve exclusivity, I have a maximum of 7 shawls printed from each original design.
The silk used is thin, so there is no difference between the front and back.
Due to the transparency it is not possible to get a good impression of what the shawls look like, through an image.
Maybe there will be video examples available on this website in the future.
It is best to visit me and see the shawls ‘live’.
I have a number of shawls in stock; those can be shipped immediately.

Viewing – Ordering

Below are some examples of how the original design has been modified for a shawl: